The found water: the big olle

Due to the exclusivity of the environmental goods, for their rarity and the high value of the flora rich of endemic species, the springs on the farm represent a great naturalistic value site. Helped by a relief model, by experiments, by observation forms and by the excursion to the olle the children are guided along the exploration and the acquaintance of this particular environment in the lowland of Friuli region.


Preschools, primary and secondary schools.



March – November


· The lowland of Friuli Region: a history started a long time ago

· The “aquifer resurgence”

· The “resurgence” of the water and the “springs line”

· Sources of spring water: the Olle

· The morphology and the natural evolution of the Olle: the submerged area, the peat bog, the humid grassland

· Animals adaptations and water plants

· Relation between Shape-function

· The biological indicators, the endemisms, reptiles

· The springs ecosystem

· Practical verification


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