The educational farm

The Stella river with its springs, the riparian lands, the stable meadows and the wet meadows represent the most particular aspect of this region. Throughout the years, these features have been preserved and protected in the environmental reassessment projects of the farm.

The establishment, which is part of the Regional list of the educational farms, with the project called “SCOPRIRE NATURALMENTE”, proposes a series of routes aimed to the visit and the knowledge of the environmental peculiarity and the natural, landscaping and historical values of the area. The purpose is to implement the educational potentialities that this land can offer.

The itineraries are addressed to schools, associations and groups of adults, as it is only by relating to nature that you can reach a real friendly connection of awareness, preservation and respect with its environment.




The activities for the itineraries are elaborated and accomplished by adapting contents and methods according to the scholastic level and the program developed in the classrooms.

The pedagogical method is the effective experimentation related to the “doing” in order to stimulate the curiosity, the capacity to observe, the thinking and confrontation through a playful and creative learning.

For young children the game is the leading aspect of the discoveries and the explorations; for the older ones the path is developed by using scientific methods to create the capacity of asking questions, expressing hypothesis and searching for possible solutions.

At the end of the course there is a laboratory, according to preferences, where you can elaborate “manually” the experiences lived on the farm.

In order to optimize the educational activities and provide a better organization of the itineraries, we suggest not more than forty participants.


The farm is not only available to welcome school children, to whom it offers the possibility to choose different educational itineraries, but it also proposes an interesting path characterized by the discovery of the immense natural resources in the “Biotope of Zarnic” for groups of adults and families.

It is possible to observe the beautiful centuries-old vineyard, which has varieties of local grapes with a rich history that can be also perceived thanks to an articulated morphology that represents the typical culture of the past.

The itinerary continues inside “Le Fornaci del Zarnic” farm, in the biotope, where there are very ancient and rich meadows with an immense variety of flowers. Here, it is possible to discover the phenomenon of the aquifer resurgence and sources of big dimensions characterized by the typical vegetation that plunges its roots in the water. It is also possible to get acquainted with the wonderful world of the honeybees by observing these laborious insects through a security tunnel. In addition, you can admire the aromatic and medicinal plants cultivations and other productive activities as well as visit the archeological site.

On demand, it is possible to organize small laboratories to create your own personal candle, lavender bag or brick handmade work. The farm will be grateful to welcome its guests with a welcoming snack and provide them with a proper area to eat a picnic lunch.